David & Bathsheba
Secret Lovers

It was spring. The time when kings in the Middle East went to war. The winter rains had not yet started and the harvest was some way in the future. While his men were fighting the country's enemy, David was at home in bed (II Samuel 11:2). 

The devil makes work for idle hands and David's case was no exception. Walking around on his roof, he saw a beautiful woman bathing. Intrigued, he asked around about her. 

"Do you know the woman who lives at ...?" Maybe he was thinking to add her to his harem. The answer should have discouraged him:

"She's Uriah's wife." Uriah, one of his soldiers. A man currently putting his life at risk for state and king. In other words: "She's off limits. You can't have her."

Instead, he did something he knew he shouldn't - he sent for her. But it didn't stop there: he had sexual relations with her. 

And that was just the beginning. David and Bathsheba's story teaches us that:

One sin leads to another

David's Message to Us

We all know the story found in II Samuel 11: David slept with Uriah's wife and got her pregnant. Instead of owning up to his sin, he sent for Uriah, hoping that he would sleep with Bathsheba and thus think that David's child was his. In Jamaican, "him did a try gi' Uriah a jacket."

For two days David tried to get Uriah to lay with Bathsheba with no success. Finally, on the third day, David gave him the letter that held his death sentence. 

Bringing it Home

If we were to map David and Bathsheba's story, it would look something like this:

Not a pretty picture is it? We like to look at David's story to point fingers but, how many times do we find that like David one sin leads to another? 

We tell a "little" lie and the next thing we know we have to keep lying to cover the first. Telling lies is a bit like digging a pit where each untruth is a shovelful of dirt. We start out with one "white" lie and then before we know it, we're in over our heads.

David and Bathsheba's story teaches that when our desires give birth to sin (James 1:13-15), unless we confess it and repent, we get drawn further and further into sin.

Are there "little" sins in our life? Confess them to Jesus and receive healing (I John 1:9).

Let's Pray

Lord Jesus, reveal hidden and unconfessed sin to me. Help me to always bring them to you so that I don't get drawn deeper and deeper into sin.

Lets' Chat

What other lessons can we find in the story of David and Bathsheba? Write them in the comments below.

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