Pray Like Jesus Did

I find myself studying (and highlighting) prayers in the Bible. One of my all-time favorite prayers is found in John 17. I love the fact that Jesus prayed first for himself, then for his friends and lastly for us.

 Can you imagine it?

The King of the Universe had time to say a pray for you and me at the most pivotal time of his life.

As believers one of the things we desire most is the ability to pray and pray well. Maybe your challenge for this year is to learn to pray like Jesus did.

Pray Like Jesus Did


Merriam-Webster defines prayer as:

1) An address (as a petition) to God or a god in word or thought

2) An earnest request or wish.

Another Look at Prayer

Sounds a little complicated doesn’t it? Like, what exactly is a petition?  And why are we petitioning God? Is that all we’re supposed to do? Ask God for things?

Well, no.

Let’s put it this way instead: prayer is having a conversation with God. The way I do it will be a whole lot different than the way that you do it.

Ultimately it stems from our relationship with God.

My husband recently told me that he used to have a problem with the way I talked to God because I wasn’t “formal enough”.

I’ve often thought the same but then I remember that God’s my friend, my Father, my Savior.

There are so many different aspects to our relationship that the tone of our conversations will differ – much like they do with anyone that I speak regularly with.

Pray without ceasing

Three Great Prayers

While you’re figuring out your prayer style and what talking to God means to you, here are three great prayers to study:

Jesus’ prayer: John 17:1-25

Hannah’s prayer:  I Samuel 2:1-10

Hezekiah’s prayer: II Kings 19:15-19

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