Psalm 103:2

Psalm 103:2Photo taken by Amar P.

The Context

Here the psalmist David does what he does best - he offers praise to the Almighty God.

"Praise God!" he says, "Don't forget all the good things He has done for you." Then he proceeds to give a list: God forgives your sins, Hheals all your diseases, He saves your life from destruction, He is loving and merciful towards you, He gives you good food to eat...

Psalm 103 is one of exuberance and praise for the God who has done wonderful and mighty things for man who is as fleeting as grass (verse 16).

Digging In

Sometimes we focus on the wrong things. We forget that life is a great gift that is ours only because God is gracious and does not treat us as we deserve.

David is reminding us of the good things that God has done. Through his example, we learn to praise Jehovah for He is an awesome God.

How It Applies to Us

Just like David, we need to take time each day to give thanks to God for the things He has done for us. We are alive - praise God. We have food to eat - praise God. We are not ill - praise God. Our sins have been removed as far as the east is from the west - praise God!

Let all that I am praise the Lord;  may I never forget all the good things he has done for me.

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