Sayonara 2016 

A round-of of Hebrews12Endurance 2016 posts selected by the Coote family.

In a few more blinks 2016 will be behind us and we’ll be smack in the middle of a new year. As I sit here looking ahead I’m filled with apprehension for the future – now usually I get pretty excited at year’s end. But this year I already know I’m on the verge of change and as much as I’ve wished for it in the past now that it’s almost here …. Eeh. But enough about that for now. 

Year In Review 

For now, we spend the last few moments enjoying 2016. I have said goodbye to a few close friends – not in the “see you one the other side” kind of way, but more in the “we’ll meet again” kind of way.

My son has moved on to a new school and we are learning to navigate new territories as a family. He had new aspirations to meet as a student, we had new expectations as parents.  I tried to outrun a hurricane

For me it was a year of lessons learnt. I have learnt (and am still learning) a lot about creating content for the web – sometimes it feels as though I’ll never learn enough to make this little space of the internet profitable or even popular.

But then God reminds me that it’s not about profitability or popularity, it’s about bringing light and hope in a dark world. It’s about telling the story of Jesus and what he’s done for the world.

As 2017 draws closer we look forward to more challenging ground, new experiences. But for now let’s look back at some of the Coote family favorite posts from the blog this year.

Now I have to say that when we were choosing these titles I realized (for maybe the first time) that I’ve done a lot of writing this year! That in itself is truly a miracle – one I am very grateful for. But now … on to the posts! Click around and read a few that you may have missed:

The Coote Family Top 7 Posts

Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy the rest of 2016 and have a blessed and happy 2017.

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