Write 31 Days: The Recap

For years I considered myself a writer who didn't write. And believe me, I was fully aware of the irony. The thing is, it's not that I didn't write, it was more that I didn't let anyone see my work. I was too scared. Putting words on paper (or typing them on a computer screen) is a deeply personal process that got more difficult to share the older I became. 

When I finally decided to start my website (after months of procrastination), knowing that the Write 31 Days challenge was just around the corner was a huge push for me. I was scared to take up the challenge but excited at the same time.

How was I going to find enough things to say about one topic? How was I going to find time to write every day? Would what I had to say even make sense? But you know, even if my words did not change anyone else, they changed me.

I learnt that I am a writer who writes.

I am capable of applying bottom to chair and producing good, strong pieces.

God knows everything about every thing and He will help you if you ask.

The Bible has a lot to say about a lot of things. You just have to open yourself up to the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Whatever I'm writing about is going to be more relevant to me than anyone else. God uses the material that I intend for others to effect changes in me. 

I also discovered that I'm able to survive on a lot less sleep than I realized. 

So here I am. A writer who writes. Ready for the next writing challenge.

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