Leave & Cleave
Lesson # 15

Ephesians 5:31

Photo taken by Rochelle R.

It seems so simple but if the concept is followed it would have such a profound impact. Husbands are called to "leave their parents" and "cleave to their wives".

In a nutshell:

  • Leaving involves an owning of our responsibilities. Many a marriage would have been saved but for the fact that Mummy and Daddy are waiting in the wings to rescue a "child" from their big, bad husband or wife. Barring cases of abuse or neglect, parents should allow their adult offsprings the chance to work at making a successful marriage. A marriage won't work if one or both parties believe that at the first sign of trouble they'll just "go home".
  • Leaving means we leave childish thinking and behavior behind. (At least, we make a serious attempt to try.)
  • Cleaving involves creating a new life and an intimate relationship with our spouse. This is the person who's going to be with us through the trials of life which may include parenting, sickness, health, death of a loved one, tight finances, natural disaster, stress at work, emotional turmoil, spiritual growth, spiritual stagnancy... you name it and our partner will be there for it. This person is our cheerleader, counselor, friend, priest, prayer partner, masseuse and the list goes on. 
  • Cleaving refers to the bond that the two should share. A new entity is formed, one that cannot be easily broken.

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