4 Tips For When Our Peace Gets Tested

Helpful tips for keeping your peace.

“Pursue peace with all people, and holiness, without which no one will see the Lord”. Hebrews 12:14

I woke up with a song in my heart. I was energized and motivated. I was able to see God’s plan for my life and could see the next steps ahead of me that needed to be taken.

I went to work eager to get things done… not the nature of the work per se but to tick things off my to-do-list so I could go home and start my “real” life.

Three hours into my day, the enemy struck. Using a co-worker, he needled me where it hurt: right in the middle of my cubicle depression.

“You’re comfortable where you are.” “You’re well-paid, what do you have to complain about?” My blood started boiling.

Then I tipped my hand by stating how I felt. Big. Mistake. Instead of backing off as I thought he would, he recruited another co-worker. Together, these two people shredded my peace. And I let them.

Beloved, these two people took all the things I struggle with and rubbed my face in it.

Am I happy in my job? No.

Do I feel fulfilled at work? No.

Is my income enough to meet all my expenses? No.

But must I constantly wallow in the inadequacies that I feel in my soul? No!

Yet after a few minutes of taunting I was lashing out and cursing. Much like Peter may have on the night they crucified Christ. I walked away ashamed. I had let my tongue get the better of me. Again.

The first part of today’s verse came back to haunt me… “pursue peace with all people” (emphasis added). I hadn’t pursued peace. I had turned away from it and run head on into the storm. I forgot to keep my eyes on Christ and got into trouble.

Have you had a similar experience? Everything was going so well and then someone said something that made you so mad you were acting in a way you had promised not to? So… how do we not get drawn away the next time the devil calls our name?

4 Tips to Help Keep the Peace

  • Recognize and accept that peace is not a right. It’s a gift. It takes effort and sometimes needs to be chased. If we are pursuing peace, we have to train for it. Feed on the right food. And set goals to achieve it.
  • Get some cheerleaders. There are going to be times when you fail. Times when anger seems more like a friend than something to flee. That’s when you will need someone to walk the walk with you. Someone to remind you that you’re a work in progress – God is not through with you yet.
  • Feed on peaceful things. Listen to soothing music. Research ways to control anger. Study and memorize Bible verses about peace. Read about persons who learnt to master being peaceful and learn from them. 
  • Walk away. If all else fails. Walk away. You don’t need to remain in the situation that is attempting to steal your peace. If you can’t physically move, go to your quiet place mentally. Visualize that place that always soothes.

Share with us your tips for finding (and keeping) your peace. What’s your favourite Bible verse that speaks about peace?

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