June 2016 Posts

Genesis 3:1

The Evil Vinedressers


June 12 2016

If you read the post: “Read the Bible” you would have seen the invitation to spend time in God’s word every day. One chapter at a time.

We started with the book of Mark and let me tell you it has been fun! Who knew this little book was packed with so much information?

Now I have to admit, when it comes to reading the Gospels I tend to default to Matthew or Luke. Mark’s perspective is a little different. He puts a lot of emphasis on the miracles of Jesus highlighting his role as Messiah and Son of God. I just want to take a few minutes to fill you in on today’s reading, well at least on one of the things that stood out for me.


Matthew 18:3

Psalm 118:22


June 2016

King David was reflecting on his life. He remembered all the time that God had been good to him and recognized that had it not been for the mercies of God his life would have ended a long time ago.

It is better to take refuge in God than to trust man David affirms. He recounted a few examples of the awful things that God had saved him from. Read more...

Leviticus 1


June 23, 2016

Leviticus. It’s the book with all the blood in it; the one with all the sacrifices. “Why do I even need to know this?” You might ask. “After all, we don’t need to offer sacrifices anymore. What’s the point?” My friend, I will have to challenge you. Leviticus is not just a “bloody” book. It’s a story of God’s grace and his love for humanity.

For the next month or so we’re reading the book of Leviticus and we would like to share that journey with you. We would like to help you uncover the grace in Leviticus. Read more...

Leviticus 2


June 23, 2016

Leviticus 2 is all about the grain offering. The Israelite would make an offering of fine flour with oil, frankincense and salt to God. The priest would take a handful and burn it on the altar and the rest would belong to the priest. This offering was given after the burnt offering. 

But what did God want with flour anyway?

Nothing. He doesn’t need flour. Again, the sacrifice is all about the condition of the heart and what it costs the giver. God wants his people to give of their best. The burnt offering was one of thanksgiving. The giver got to decide whether it was cooked or uncooked and what quantity was offered. Read more...