July 2016 Posts

Leviticus 3

JULY 9, 2016


The peace offering was so the people could enjoy peace with God.

We enjoy peace with God when we give him our best (the fat) and our lives (the blood).

All the fat and blood belong to God. Just as we can never fully remove the fat and blood from our meat, so we will see the hand of God in everything.

Leviticus 3 is about the peace offering also known as the fellowship offering. The Israelite would make an offering of a lamb or a kid – it could be male or female. The giver would lay his hand on the head of the animal’s head before slaughtering it.

The offering had to be willingly given and should be of the best quality.

While it wasn’t a sin offering, it mimicked it in that the giver would always be reminded that as sinful human beings we are not worthy to come into the presence of God. Read more...

Leviticus 4 

JULY 10, 2016


The big points:

1) With a high position comes great responsibility. The sin one anointed priest required the same sacrifice as the sin of the whole congregation.

2) Sin destroys. The bull sacrificed for the priest and the whole body could not be eaten and had to be burnt like garbage.

3) Sin separates us from God. The sin offering required blood on the veil of the covenant. Without the covering blood there could be no communion with God.

The first thing I love about this chapter is the sin offering wasn’t in the first or second chapter. Read more...

Leviticus 5  - The Sin &  Trespass Offerings

Leviticus 5  

The big points:

1) We should be careful what we say. Swearing/making an oath carelessly could lead to sin as we say something in the moment, forget all about it and ultimately break our word (lie).

2) When we witness someone swearing we can become guilty by association. This shows that as Christians we have a role to play in ensuring (or at least encouraging) the people around us to live according to God's precepts.

3) We can be guilty of sin and not know it. It's important for us to ask forgiveness not only for sins known, but also sins unknown.

4) The sin offering could be paid by the poorest person (they could take as little as 1/10 of an ephah).  Read more...

Leviticus 6 - More on the Sin, Grain &  Trespass Offerings

Leviticus 6

The big points:

Here we are given more on the burnt, trespass/guilt and sin offerings. In each case we can see that God wants things done in a particular way. We also see that:

1) We must be blameless before our fellow man before we can be blameless before God. Forgive others before we can expect to receive forgiveness.

2) God provides for the people who he set apart to do his work. The priests didn't own property yet they were fed and were able to give the necessary sacrifices before God. Jehovah-Nissi - wonderful provider! Read more...

Leviticus 7 - More on the Peace &  Trespass Offerings

Leviticus 7 

The big points:

1) The meat of the trespass belonged to the priest who offered the sacrifice and could be eaten by all male priests. The grain offering belonged to the priest who offered it and should be shared by all priests.

Again we see the provision of God for those he had set apart. We also see where he is building sharing into the fellowship of the priests.

2) Ceremonial purity was required before one could eat the meat of the sacrifices. A clean heart is a prerequisite for fellowship with a holy God.

3) Give God what belongs to him (blood, fat and the offerings that he requests). But do so knowing that God asks us for things not because he wants nor needs anything from us. Everything on earth including us belongs to him.

He asks for our sacrifices to test the condition of our hearts. Read more...