31 Days on Marriage

A collection of 31 lessons on marriage taken from the Bible.

October is finally here and I'm excited to dig into the topic: "31 Days on Marriage from the Bible".

This page will include all the links for the different topics so I invite you to check back daily to see what's new. Please also check out the other bloggers by clicking here.

All Marriage Topics

Day 1 - Adam & Eve: Matched in Heaven

Day 2 - Adam & Eve: Riches to Rags

Day 3 - Ahasuerus & Vashti: Star-Crossed Lovers

Day 4: Ahasuerus & Esther: Fairytale Romance

Day 5: Elkanah & Hannah: High School Sweethearts

Day 6: Zacharias & Elizabeth: The Golden Agers

Day 7: Check Your Heart: Are the Commandments Visible in  your Marriage?

Day 8: Ananias & Sapphira: Til Death Do Us Part

Day 9: Naomi & Elimelech: The "Switched Up" Couple

Day 10: Abraham & Sarah: The Forever Lovers

Day 11: Abraham & Sarah: Through Thick & Thin

Day 12: Samson & His Wife: The First Hollywood Marriage

Day 13: Samson & His Wife: The Hollywood Couple (Part 2)

Day 14: The "Love Verses": A Check-up for Our Marriages 

Day 15: Lot & Mrs. Lot: The Woman Who Looked Back

Day 16: Uriah & Bathsheba: Til Death Do Us Part

Day 17: Leave and Cleave

Day 18: David & Bathsheba: Secret Lovers

Day 19: Joseph & Mary: That's Not My Child!

Day 20: Solomon & His Harem

Day 21: Marriage Check-Up: Is There Grace in Our Marriage

Day 22: Elkanah & Penninah: The Marriage of Convenience

Day 23: Nabal & Abigail: The Wise Woman & Her Foolish Husband

Day 24: Woman: Man's Equal

Day 25: Noah & Mrs. Noah: The Dreamer and His Wife

Day 26: Ahab & Jezebel: The "Ride or Die" Couple

Day 27: Ahab & Jezebel: The "We Want It Now!" Couple

Day 28: Marriage Check-Up: Are the Fruits of the Spirit Evident in Our Marriages?

Day 29: Isaac & Rebekah: A Family Divided

Day 30: Job & Mrs Job: A Woman At Her Wits End

Day 31: A Three-Fold Cord is Not Easily Broken

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