5 Things That Make Us Smile

5 Things That Make Us SmilePhoto by Chelsea Ferenando on Unsplash

Five things that make me smile – this topic was a whole lot easier than the one last week.  Trying to think of five things that make me smile, well, it made me smile. It was a long list because let’s be honest, we live in a world that was created by an artistic, inventive God. So many things tell of his glory and remind us of his love for us. Narrowing my list down to five was kinda tricky especially after I had the wonderful idea to share this post with my son. 

So here they are - five things that make Ami and Dominic smile (I’ll leave you to guess which ones belong to whom):

1. Ice-cream – There’s something about that creamy delicious taste that makes the edges of your mouth curl up. I mean like everything about ice-cream is just smile-worthy – the melt-in-your-mouth goodness, the crunchy ice-cream cone, the way you have to eat it so fast that it sometimes causes brain freeze…

5 things that make us smile

2. Going to the beach – There’s a running joke in my house: once I’m home, getting me out is like prying a turtle out of its shell. One of the things that us Cootes like to do is go to the beach (okay, I made this one way too easy for you). Going to the beach means family time, it means relaxing with the two coolest people on earth and taking a little break from bills, books and responsibility.

But because going to the beach means leaving the house… my poor honey has a whale of a time trying to get me out and then viola!

I hit the water and become an instant mermaid – only it’s more of a floating mermaid and less of a swimming one. There’s nothing more relaxing than lying on your back and allowing the water to carry you along.

3. Diary of a Wimpy Kid books – A memoir and a comic book rolled into one, what’s not to like? Gregory has all kinds of adventures that are surprisingly funny as well as relatable. Who knew middle school was fraught with so much danger and intrigue?

4. Stationery – Pens, paper, notebooks, sharpeners… so many cool things! A tiny portion of my salary is spent in this little store called Paper & Things – they are a treasure trove of little unique things and pretty paper and colored pens.

5. Bible Study – There’s nothing more thrilling than digging into the word and having a verse revealed to you in a new light. The Bible tells this awesome story of God’s love for us and the grace that is liberally bestowed upon us.

It never fails to put a smile on my face when I think of what God has saved me from and how far he has brought me and the change that has been made in my life. We serve a wonderful, wonderful God!

Okay, I’ve read my post over and realized that I made it way too easy for you to guess (smile). Almost. There are some things that Dominic and I have in common – can you guess what they are?

What are your five? Share them in the comments below and then jump over to the #FridayFives linkup at to check out other fabulous fives.

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