Because I Said So

Because I Said So - what would you do if God said those words to you?

If ye love me, keep my commandments. John 14:15 KJV

A few years ago I watched the movie Because I Said So with Diane Keaton. What I found funny about it was how domineering the mother was and how she couched her commands in authoritative terms.

Whenever her children disagreed with her, the response to them was basically: “You need to do what I’m telling you to do because I said so.”

What if she was God? No, no … don’t get panicky I’m not being sacrilegious. I just want to imagine something with you…

What if God was like this mother?

What if he said, “Worship me not because you love me, but because I said so”? What would the world be like now? 

I tell you one thing; there would be a lot of robot-like Christians running around. ‘What’s wrong with that?’ you may ask. Well let me put it a little closer to home - what if your parents said:

“Do exactly what I say because I said so. Regardless of how you feel about me you have to do exactly as I said.”

Oh wait that’s exactly what happens (smile).

But God is not like that. He doesn’t say, “Serve me out of fear or because of what I can do to you if you don’t.” Instead he earnestly pleads with us to reach out to him, build a relationship with him, love him not because he said so bust because we love him. 

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