Bible Studies

31 Days on Marriage

Read about married couples in the Bible and unearth the lessons that God has placed there for us. Explore marriage.

God Uses the Broken

Do you feel broken? God can still use you. A study of some of the "broken" people in the Bible. Explore brokenness.

But God

Have you ever been in a situation where God miraculously showed up? Our "But God" study examines some of these situations. Explore But God.

His Promises are True

God made many promises. He has kept them all. Learn more about some of the promises of God. Explore promises.

All Nature Sings About the Glory of God

We can learn more about God as we study nature. This study looks at the some of the attributes of God revealed in nature. Explore nature.

What Is Gratitude?

What does gratitude smell like? Taste like ... wouldn't you like to know? Explore gratitude.

What Is Christmas?

As a believer what does Christmas mean to you? A look at the origins of some of the rituals of Christmas. Explore Christmas.