But God Study

But God StudyPhoto by Lucaxx Freire on Unsplash

Two of my favorite words in Scripture are "But God". I read them not as the interjection of a rude child trying to get the last word. No, for me they are a statement of God doing the miraculous where only the impossible existed before. 

The articles in this series explore some of those "But God" moments. I hope that the next time you come across those two words in your Scripture reading, you'll stop and take notice of the wonderful thing that God is doing for His people.

But God Bible Verses

Joseph's "But God"

Called to Be Killed

The Battle Is Not Yours

God Is My Portion

Abimelech: Wife Stealer

The Mighty Are Fallen

The Hidden Hand that Saves

God Raised Him

Your Soul Is Required of You

He Died

God or Mammon

God Is Faithful