God Uses the Broken

Have you ever felt discarded? Used? Worthless? Unimportant? Have you ever prayed asking God why He had created you? Or worst, told Him He made a mistake when He allowed you to be born?

I've been there. To that dark place where it seems as though everything you do is somehow wrong or of no value.

We live in a disposable world. Everything can be replaced, and often is, the minute some "flaw" becomes apparent. One minute a thing is considered precious and the next, it is tossed aside like trash.

God Uses the Broken

God Uses A Broken Spirit

One of mankind's greatest failing is that we believe God sees us as we see ourselves. We evaluate ourselves through the eyes of the world and we fall short in our own estimation.

We think that God also judges us with imperfect measures. We forget that His thoughts are not like our thoughts (Isaiah 55:8-9). 

God uses the broken spirit. Only after we have given up our will and submitted ourselves to Him is He able to use us.

For the next four weeks we're going to explore some stories in the Bible that show how the Almighty uses broken people to accomplish wonderful things.

If He could use them, He can use us and that's a truly marvelous hope!

God Uses the Broken

The Widow from Nain

The Redeemer Lives!

Jacob: A Broken Man

Jacob: A Man Used by God

Blind Bartimaeus: Broken But Not Silent

Leah: The Unloved Wife

The Widow's Mite

Hagar: Seen by God

What was once considered beautiful is now tossed away as rubbish.

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