I Am With You

Photo taken by Shantel P.

When you pass through the waters...

One of the greatest miracles in the Bible is the parting of the Red Sea (Exodus 14:1-29). Every time you hear these words, they are a reminder of the deliverance that God had wrought for the children of Israel. We remember that God is faithful.

I will be with you.

What an assurance! When we feel so overwhelmed it feels as though we're drowning, God is with us.

 ... the rivers ... shall not overflow you

There's a thing that happens in Jamaica every year. Persons build their houses on the rivers bank and on the sides of the gullies and every year during rainy season their houses get flooded  and they have to relocate. But without fail, next rainy season there they are again - on the banks of the river.

The children of Israel had a similar experience. During the rainy season, the Euphrates River would overflow its banks. This verse was God's reassurance that even when that happens, they would be kept safe.

He still keeps us safe today.

When you walk through the fire you shall not be burned ...

This reminds us of the story of the three Hebrew boys who walked through the fire (Daniel 3:1-25). Their faith was such that they were able to face the fiery furnace that had killed the king's guards. They were not burned neither were their clothing scorched.

God uses the fire of trials to test us and to purify us. Without the flame of chastisement we would not be able to stand with the strength that is expected of God's people.

 ... nor shall the flame scorch you

Isn't that amazing? Even in the midst of the flames we still receive God's protection. He is still with us even when it seems we have been abandoned and left alone.

He Is With Us

What I love about this verse is the word 'when'. God tells us when we pass through the waters, when we pass through the fire. When. Not if. He knew with certainty that we would go through our trials. He knew that we would need reassurance and so He provided it before we could even think to ask.

If we are to receive a crown of glory then we need to be purified with fire. If we are His disciples, we need to go through deep waters symbolic of baptism and the death we share with Christ.

Personal Bible Study

Read the story of the Red Sea Crossing in Exodus 14. What assurances of God's provision can you find there?

Imagine you were one of the three Hebrews faithful to the Most High God in Daniel chapter 3. You are willing to die for God and was instead rewarded with the company of His Son. Write a prayer thanking God for His protection.