I Choose SBI

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Okay, do you want the long story or the short one? The short story is that SBI or Solo Build It is the provider I use for my website. I pay them (either monthly or annually – I fluctuate) and they take care of my needs.

They deal with my domain name membership, hosting, I even get a built in email service and an autoresponder as long as my list is less than 5000 subscribers. That’s the short story.

Still reading? Okay, here’s the long one. Once upon a time I had this manager who had a website which he kept telling me about. “You’d be good at it” he said but I had long buried dreams of writing so I laughed him off.

Fast-forward about 4 years and that manager was laid off. Funny that “hobby website” was now in line to become his full-time stream of income.

Now God had other plans for him but it started me thinking “Could that be me? What would happen to me, my family if I lost my job? What’s my fallback plan?”

The truth was, I didn’t have one. I thought about my former manager and realized that his backup plan was now his mainstay. The service provider he used was SBI. It was a proven method. Sure I could get a website builder for cheaper but then I would have to monitor everything myself.

I would need to find my own web host and what if it wasn’t compatible with my platform?

I would have to learn to code, granted I had very rusty HTML skills but those skills were more than 10 years unused and I just didn’t know if I wanted to dig through all that buried knowledge.

I would have to figure out how to do this website building thing myself.

Enter SBI.

I get domain registration for one year and hosting rolled up in my subscription. After one year I haven’t encountered many problems but when I have reached out to them the customer service was excellent and quick.

They have a huge library or resources that address concerns from how to choose a good (aka profitable) niche, to how to make the most of social media including Pinterest.

I also get access to the forum for SBIers. It always helps to know that you are not alone and with this vibrant community, help (and reassurance) is just a keypad clicks away. 

Thinking about joining the ever-growing group of online entrepreneurs (or solopreneurs as SBI calls us)? There’s no time like the present to make an investment in your future