Jacob: The Broken Man

He had deceived his father and stolen his brother's birthright. Now he was on the run - fearful for his life.  He was a man with no future, no hope.

Yes, he had gotten his brother's birthright. Yes he had gotten his father's blessing. Yes, he would, in the future be a very wealthy man. But right now, in the moment, he had nothing. 

He had no home. No parents. No family.

He wasn't even sure if the man he was being sent to was still alive. There were no emails or phone calls or Instagram messages to keep in touch with family members. He may have been uncertain as to whether he would find his uncle in good health and living in the same place.

As he lay on a stone pillow, what may have gone through his mind? Did he remember the pillow he had left at home?

Did he wonder what his family was doing at that very moment? Was there a routine that could not be done in this place? Was he feeling lonely? Abandoned? Afraid?

But then God steps in ....

Jacob's ladder

Jacob: Used by God

It always amazes me how sometimes God waits until we are at what we think is our lowest point before He steps in.

Maybe it's because we don't open ourselves up until we get to that dark place. Or maybe it's because He wants to remind us that He will never leave us or forsake us.

Whatever the reason, when God steps in He shows Himself mighty on our behalf.

Jacob had a dream about a ladder that connected heaven and earth. The angels of the Lord were going up and coming down (Genesis 28:12-16). 

First Jehovah introduces Himself. And then He renews the promise.

He was saying to Jacob, "I know right now you feel as though your world has ended. You're wondering if you'll ever see your family or your beloved country again. But I've got this. You'll come back to this land again. You're gonna have more children and grandchildren and great-grands than you can count.

Not only that, your seed will be a blessing to all the nations of the world. You don't have to worry about anything, I'm taking care of it. I'll be with you every step of the way, so keep calm and relax."

Jacob - a man filled with fear, shame and guilt - was used by an awesome God and given a vision that would be the hope of countless generations.

Are you feeling ashamed? Fearful? Guilty? Do you feel abandoned by God and everyone around you? Don't fall into the enemy's trap. Confess your sins to Jehovah and He will supply all your needs because He cares for you.

Personal Bible Study

Read Genesis 28:12-16.

Note in your journal how the story of Jacob's ladder affects you.

Join me today as I say "Goodbye" to shame and fear. Go to our Facebook page and type, "Good bye fear/shame". 

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