Learning to Follow the Rules

Learning to Follow the Rules
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So this month we’ve been talking about our expectations of a new school and also how to help our children make the transition from school to work. Today I want to talk about learning to follow the rules.

I don’t know about you, but back in high school one of my biggest challenges was learning to follow the rules. In fact I went through a period when I was known as the rebel because I found a way to do the opposite of what was said – if they said wear white, I wore black. When they said move left, I moved right … it took a lot for me to learn to follow the rules (even when I didn’t want to).

At first I did it because I got tired of fighting everything and everyone then I followed the rules because it no longer fit the woman I had become. So I’m putting together a few tips for the rebel who must learn to march to a new beat. 

Learn what the rules are: Let’s face it – everything has rules from the way the universe is run to the way we use our cell phones. It’s important to know and understand what the rules are saying and how they apply to our behavior. 

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Align the rules with your values: You are more likely to follow the rules is you believe in them. Before you sign up with an organization whether it is for school or employment, find out what they stand for. Ask yourself: are they behaving ethically? Morally? Fairly? Do I want to be associated with the values that this company stands for?

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Know your boundaries: Okay, so you’ve done the research, you’ve studied the rules; you’ve aligned them with your values …. What do you do when the rules on paper are different than what is practiced? 

It’s at this point that you have to know what your tipping point is: your school claims to believe strongly in students achieving their educational goals and that’s lovely. But what if they allow you to do that at any cost – even cheating? Your company claims to be an ethical provider of services but you find out that they are overcharging and under-delivering … your boss expects you to be a part of this conspiracy – what do you do?

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Decide:  If you are unable to follow the rules of men, how are you going to follow the rules of God? I know you’re probably wondering, “Isn’t this the same person who used to be called a rebel?” True, but that was before I knew Jesus, since then I’ve been trying my very best to move away from my tendency to rebel and to learn to conform to his standards.

Understand: Does rebellion fit into the identity of who you are right now? Does it align with the identity of the individual you hope to become? As we grow and mature and step into our identities in Christ we’ll find that we’re no longer drawn towards some of the things that we used to do.

In the words of Paul, in I Corinthians 13:11 "When I was a child, I talked like a child I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put the ways of childhood behind me."

As Christians we have to remember that God is desperately trying to save us but we have a choice to make: do we want to be saved?

Lessons to Learn

There are lots of lessons to be learnt about following the rules from the children of Israel. God chose them out of all the nations to be his priests teaching the world what is expected by him.

He gave the rules to follow – Leviticus and Deuteronomy are basically just giant rule books explaining how God expects His people to worship, live and serve Him. As long as they followed the guidelines, they were fine.

But the minute they disobeyed they had to suffer the consequences. The same thing is true for us – we have the option to decide if we are going to line up with God or do our own thing.

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We can do the unethical thing that our boss wants us to do or “excel” at school by cheating, but at what cost? We gain success in this world but lose out in the sight of God. Are you willing to take that chance?


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