Finding Compassion in Matthew

Finding Compassion in Matthew 27Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

Chapter 27 - The Death That Saved Us All

Matthew 27 - Observations

  • Jesus is delivered up to Pontius Pilate. The King of the universe was interrogated, spat on, humiliated, mocked, beaten for our sins. He died so that we could have the hope of eternal life.
  • I found it interesting that when the cry to crucify Jesus came and Pilate asked what he had done, there was no answer. They simply repeated the cry to crucify him. As Christians we shouldn't be surprised when people hate us and persecute is for no reason. They did it to Jesus, how much more will they do to us?

This chapter is one of the most painful and one of the most beautiful chapters in Matthew. Here’s Jesus – Son of God – being abused by the very people He came to say.

Just as the prophets foretold.

They told lies about Him, brought Him unfairly to be judged and them treated Him in the most horrific manner.

I imagine that all the angels gathered at that spot in history waiting for the command to intervene. But Jesus remained silent. Even as they insulted Him and abused Him He said nothing. I wonder what would have happened if they could have seen the spiritual battle taking place?

Would they have believed then that Jesus was God?

Jesus felt compassion for humanity. As our Creator, He knew what we needed although we didn’t have a clue. The Jews thought they needed a military genius like King David. Someone who would come in with great strength and beat the Romans until they cried ‘uncle’. They thought that was the salvation that they needed.

God knew that they need a Savior. One who could save them from sin. God the Son presented Himself before Pilate knowing that the Jews would demand His death. He gave up His life so that they - and all humanity - could be saved.

God the Father had compassion on His earthly children by allowing His only Son to give up His life for them. He did not use His “victorious right hand” to give Jesus victory over Pilate. He did not overturn the ruling of the judicial system that existed at the time.

Compassion is acting as though you have no power when you are All-powerful. What an awesome God we serve.

Compassion is suffering so that humanity gets access to eternal life.

We didn’t earn it. And we sure don’t deserve it. But God gave it to us anyway. 

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Even as humanity committed the greatest sin against God He died for us. And because of that, we have hope. Because of us, Jesus experienced firsthand how it felt to be alienated from God. An experience that was so terrifying to Him that he cried out “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” (Matthew 27:46)


Jehovah, we are grateful that You allowed Your Son to die for us. We are grateful that You did not intervene because You knew that we needed it to happen. Give us the faith that we need to live as children who have been rescued by an awesome God. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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