Finding Compassion in Matthew

Through Jesus' temptation we learn that the Bible is a treasure chest of knowledge for all humanity.

Chapter 4 - Jesus' Temptation: A Lesson in Compassion

Matthew 4 - Observations

  • This chapter tells the story of Jesus' temptation and the beginning of his ministry.
  • Four fishermen are called to be disciples and they leave their old lives immediately to follow Jesus.
  • Jesus preaches to, teaches, and heals a great multitude.

What stood out for me was this: 
The devil always shows up when you have aligned yourself with God. His job is to get you to question your identity in Christ and to doubt that you are the child of the King.

But thank God that if we are faithful we will reap the reward that is promised.... And then the angels - those perfect unfallen beings - minister to us.

The story of Jesus temptation is one of those central themes of the Gospels.

When we look at the way that Jesus was tested when He was at His lowest point we get a number of lessons:  

1. The enemy is able to quote Scripture to suit his purposes and that’s one of the main reasons why we as believers need to study God’s word so that we can apply it to our lives.

Compassion is giving us the Bible

2. The enemy is always going to find ways to cause us to question our identity as children of God.

I know Satan was there.

He witnessed the baptism of Christ. He saw the Holy Spirit descend from heaven and he heard the voice of God declare Jesus to be His Son. But he did not deny Jesus’ identity then. Oh no.

He waited until he thought Jesus was at a vulnerable place – after fasting 40 days and 40 nights Jesus was hungry (Matthew 4:2). That’s when he struck.

If you are the son of God”… do this. Isn’t that just like Satan? Trying to get us to doubt something we know for a fact? But you know, I find compassion in this account.

These Scriptures were written for us. For our education. For our encouragement. For us. Compassion is teaching us how to handle the attacks of the enemy.

Three times the enemy struck and each time Jesus combated his attack with Scripture. 

3. Jesus knew the word of God.

What does that say to us? If the Son of God needed the Word to get through His earthly life, how much more do we who are mere flesh and blood?

We have to study to show ourselves approved. This is part of our arsenal to combat the wiles of the enemy.

Read 2 Timothy 2:15


Father I thank You for giving us access to Your word through the Holy Scriptures. Help us Your people to recognize the great treasure that we have access to so that we can hide Your words in our hearts. Teach us always have a word from You present on our lips to share with others. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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