We all have a desire to connect. Even God.

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I have a deep seated fear of connecting. I mean, what if I reach out to someone and get rejected?

What if the person says something that hurts my feelings, how am I supposed to respond to that?

I recently flipped through my Bible looking at God’s conversations with his people.

Over and over again he reached out to them only to be rejected. He took them out of bondage, gave them a land of their own and called them his people.

Yet over and over again they sought others gods. Time and again they worshiped the created rather than the Creator.

Suppose God was like me, suppose his fear of being hurt prevented him from reaching out to us?

Suppose he allowed his fear of getting his heart broken to stop saving people?

Suppose he allowed this fear to stop him from pursuing us? Where would we be then? 

Can you imagine a world where Jesus did not die for our sins? A world where there was no promise of redemption?

A world where, after sin, God said: “Okay, that’s it! I’m done with them.”

A world where he turned his back on us and left us to our own devices? Can you imagine such a world?

Scary, isn’t it?

Maybe we need to be more like Jesus, willing to connect to broken people… people living in a broken world.

Maybe we need to boldly go where no one has gone before. Maybe we need to do what God has placed on our hearts.

Maybe we should reach out.


Where will we find courage? We find it when we connect to Jesus before connecting to others. 

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