Faith Over Fear

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Have you ever noticed how the people in the Old Testament prayed? You know, the way they referred to God? He was "God of my Father Isaac, Abraham and Jacob". What would it take for us to pray boldly over ourselves and walk in faith?

We need to claim the faith of our ancestors. If you have family members who displayed great faith in God, then reference them when you pray. If not, we can always claim the ancients as our connection to God.

Today, I claim it for us in the matchless name of Jesus Christ. 

The faith of Abraham – an ability to believe the impossible has already been done.

The faith of Daniel – the power to pray in the midst of great difficulties.

The faith of Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-Nego – the believe that God is still God even if He doesn’t do what we want Him to.

The faith of Esther – the willingness to face death if it means standing up for those who can’t defend themselves.

The faith of the woman from Shunem – the ability to believe everything will be alright although they look bleak at the moment.

The faith of Stephen – who was able to pray for his enemies even as they destroyed him.

The faith of Jesus – who obeyed the Father unquestionably though it meant His death.

The faith of Paul who stood staunchly against the men he once supported.

The faith of Hannah who took the word of priest that her greatest desire would be fulfilled.

When we prove to be faithful with little, we will also be faithful with much. via @Heb12Endurance

Choosing Faith Over Fear

The common factor among these faith fighters was that they faced their greatest fears and didn’t buckle. They didn’t run away when things got challenging. They stood firm in their faith. Because they did, God rewarded them.

I like how the New Living Translation renders the last half of Isaiah 7:9: Unless your faith is firm, I cannot make you stand firm."

God has given us each a measure of faith (Romans 12:3) and He would love to use that faith to show us His power. However, faith requires action. A million dollars sitting in a bag is as useless as faith that is not exercised. You know it’s there, but it’s not doing anything for you.

God wants to increase our faith. But before He does, we must prove to be faithful with the faith we already have.

Related: Luke 16:10 

When we prove to be faithful with little, we will also be faithful with much.

Challenge: Who is your faith mentor? Learn as much as you can about that person today.

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