When Words Pierce Our Feelings

If you are like me, you have things that you’re working on. Maybe you’ve been working on them for years with no discernible change.

Maybe you’ve been praying about it and long to see its removal from your life, or at least an improvement in that particular area. 

Ultimately, that thing you’re struggling with will be brought to the attention of those closest to you – the people you let into your inner circle.

Human beings have an innate desire to help others, so eventually they are going to try to help you overcome your issue.

Sometimes in their bid to help, they may say something that hurts your feeling, so how do you react when they do?

I can tell you what I do: I curl up into a ball and lick my wounds. Especially when what they’re telling me is something I’ve already lambasted myself with.

Seriously. When I am hurt, I need time out of the situation to work through things in my head. So I started thinking: what was Jesus’ example?

Since He felt the same emotions we do, I can imagine how He must have felt when His own people did not know Him or acknowledge Him.

He could easily have walked away and given the good news to another nation or kept it to Himself. Instead He chose to keep teaching and healing, doing everything in His power to reach the people He encountered. 

Jesus is our example

Jesus & His Feelings

I started searching the Gospels for examples of how Christ coped with encounters that may have bruised His feelings. These are my take-aways:

  1. Know who you are: The people of Jerusalem constantly questioned Jesus’ authority. They questioned His right to teach, to heal, to witness of His Father. Yet through it all He remained steadfast. Because He knew who He was to the Heavenly Father, He was able to keep doing God's will.
  2. Know your purpose: If you know the purpose for which you were created, then your every effort should be on living up to God's expectations and not that of the people around you.
  3. Spent time alone with Jehovah: Several times during His ministry, Jesus went into seclusion. This teaches me that it is necessary to take time out of the milieu to just be. That time should be spent in communion with our Heavenly Father.

The question that we're faced with today and every day is: do we live up to God's expectations? Or do we believe the lies of the enemy?

A choice has to be made and we can only make the right one when we are connected to Jehovah - the source of all wisdom and power.

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