28 Days of One Word Resolutions

What's your one word for 2017? Let me help you choose one.

I was so sure I wasn’t going to do it.

I have for some time now written off New Year’s Resolutions because I start off all excited and then lose steam round about March which leaves me dragging through the year completely mad at myself because I broke my promise to me. Is that crazy? Don’t answer that.

About two years ago I stumbled across an article called “My One Word” and I was amazed.

Here was a totally new way of making a commitment to change that would not leave you feeling defeated. After all it was just. One. Word. How hard could that be?

Apparently when your word is “faith” it can be excruciatingly difficult as the enemy finds all kinds of things to throw in your path to leave you doubting Jehovah. The beautiful thing is, if you let him, God will reveal himself to you in totally awesome ways.

In case you’re wondering, my one word for 2017 is FAITH … haha. I still think I need to work at it some more.

This year though I have a verse to go with my one word –

My one word for 2017

What this means for me is that I will be trying to listen more to what God is trying to tell (even when I don’t like what he’s saying).

It also means that I need to spend more time in his words trying to learn at his feet (which is one of the reasons why I am doing the Bible year along with my regular daily reading).

Are you still contemplating choosing your one word for 2017? Let me help you. Join me for 28 days of one words, who knows, maybe God will use me to reveal what he wants you to focus on this year.

Will you join me? What’s your one word for 2017?

One word resolution: believe

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