Do We Believe the Positive Words We Tell Ourselves?

Affirmations. We make them, but we really believe those good things that we tell ourselves?

There have been hundreds, maybe thousands of books written about the power of positive thinking.

The words we tell ourselves can either drive us into action or trap us into a prison the likes of which cannot be escaped from.

Even Solomon - the wisest man that ever lived – admitted that death and life are in the power of the tongue (Proverbs 18:21).

Most of the times we can remember to speak positively when it comes to other people, but how many of us struggle to find uplifting words to say to ourselves?

We make affirmation after affirmation.

We give power talks to the person in the mirror.

We write mission statements and vow to live by them.

But how many of us actually believe (and we show belief by living it) the encouraging words we say to ourselves?

Isn’t it easier to believe the negative self-talk? The voice that tells us we’ll never be good enough; that we’ll never amount to anything? The voice that says that God cannot use us because we’re too… old … too young … too … something?

So, Who’s Talking to Us?

The voice that tells you negative things: is that really your voice? As a child of the Most High, do the words reflect what God says about us?

Or is it the enemy pretending to be us so that he can destroy the seeds that God has planted in our hearts?

How do we know who we're listening to? We have to know what the enemy says about us and that it contradicts everything that God says about us.

What Does the Enemy Say About Us?

Satan is called the accuser of the brethren (Revelation 12:10). He's that voice saying we're not deserving of grace. He's the one telling us that our sins are too great to be forgiven.

The devil tells us that we don't have enough.

While Eve was in the Garden of Eden surrounded by the bounty that God had created for her and Adam to enjoy, the serpent slithered up and highlighted the one thing she couldn't have. You can read the story in Genesis 3:1-7.

Pretty soon that was all she could think about. The thought of the "forbidden" fruit consumed her until she gave in to temptation and ate of the tree.

Eve's genetic make-up was passed on to us. We can become so consumed with what we do not have...

"Oh, how I wish I had a car."

"If only I had a better job."

"My children don't behave as well as Mrs. So-and-So's."

"If I only had my own home."

We get so focused on what we don't have, that we forget to give thanks for what we do have:



Families and friends.

A place to sleep.

Food to eat.

The list goes on and on as we count our blessings.

Satan causes us to question our identity in Christ. He's that voice telling us that if we were children of God wouldn't do this. That we have to be "good enough" to obtain mercy from God.

Sometimes he causes us to question our very salvation. Are we really saved?

After all, if we were really children of God things would be easy for us, wouldn't it? He never has anything positive to say about us.

What Does God Say About  Us?

He loves us. So much so that He sent His Son from heaven to die for our sins (John 3:15-16). When we sinned, He offered us grace and the hope of eternal life through Jesus His Son.

From Genesis to Revelation, the Bible tells us about God's love for humanity. He's holding out His hand to us today, offering mercy and love.

We are His children (Hebrews 11:5-6). We are his sons and daughters. I am a daughter of the Most High God. So are you.

He set us apart so that we could be priests before Him. He crowned us with salvation and called us royal (I Peter 2:9).

Choose the Positive

Two choices are set before us today: life and death.

We can choose to believe the words of the one who hates us. Or we can choose to believe the One who loves us with an everlasting love.

I am choosing the positive, how about you?

Let’s Pray

Father, we come to you today because we want you to speak truth in our lives. We recognize that sometimes the things we tell ourselves do not reflect the truth that comes from You. Help us to not only speak good things over our lives but to also believe only those things that line up with Your word. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Let’s chat

Have you gotten into the habit of negative self-talk?

What’s the one good thing about yourself that you’re going to choose to believe today?

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